Brainbow in a nutshell

A cross-cutting tool able to speed up diagnosis of neurologic diseases in a simple and non-invasive way.

Aid to diagnosis

Leveraging on EEG data, Brainbow supports early diagnosis of neurological diseases (e.g., ASD)


over 95% of accuracy already tested on 190 patients.


Brainbow is able to identify features in the EEG that can be applied to many diseases and disorders (i.e., ASD).

Easy to use

A standard EEG is required and results are available in few minutes.

What we do

Neurological Disorders (ND) affect around 60% of the EU population.


Early diagnosis of ND is often correlated to better clinical outcomes.
Unfortunately, for many neurological disorders like the Autism Spectrum Disorder, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, early diagnosis is still a challenge.


We have developed an innovative screening method for neurological disorders based on machine learning analysis of the electroencephalogram (EEG).


Thanks to our proprietary neural network-based algorithm, we can support doctors by facilitating early screening of disorders with similar symptoms but pathologically different.


Our goal is to speed up the diagnosis of the problem and thus timely implement the most appropriate therapy for the patient.

Every month gained in the diagnosis unveils a life of opportunities.


We are there to help you diagnose the disease earlier to ensure better quality of life and equal opportunities to people around the globe.


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